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Coins and stamps are the passion of the founder of American Pacific Auctions.  With a lifetime of experience in the acquisition and sale of these prized collectibles brought to American Pacific Auctions, it is able to locate and present to its customers significant values.

Well acquired coins and stamps have always been excellent investments which have wheathered all economic conditions.  For example, the PCGS300 coin index maintained by PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service) began in 1970 and contains a basket of 3000 popular US coins and started at a value of $1,000.  The present value has recently passed $70,000 for that same basket of coins.  That’s 70 times and there seems to be no end I sight.  We doubt your house has gone up 70 times in value since 1970.  Similar growth has been seen in the stamp market.  The reason for this is that as the population ages the number of collectors grows.  But, they only made so many of a particular coin or stamp, and no more will be made.  This has a strong effect on value with older issues which were produced in lower quantities when the population was much lower.  Fixed supply with growing demand means lots of growth potential!
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