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If you-know-what is the oldest profession, adornment of the body with gemstones and precious metals probably came next! American Pacific Auctions is a newcomer in the millennia of jewelry and Gemstone history. However, the market has changes significantly in recent years allowing American Pacific Auctions to find and present to its customers significant values in jewelry and gemstones.

The jewelry and gemstone markets were once very centralized, in Europe, primarily Belgium, with later markets having developed in New York. Precious metals production markets have always been located in South Africa. With the spread of democracy in Southeast Asia and the lack of war in the area for decades now, large jewelry production and gemstone cutting centers have developed in the area. These offer workmanship of equal quality, due to strong Asian attention to detail, at a significantly reduced price resulting from low manufacturing costs.

Through its contacts in Asia, American Pacific Auctions is able to locate these jewelry and gemstone values and present them to its customers.
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